freeze dryers

Freeze Dryers

Lyotrap freeze-dryers are ideal for laboratory, light process and pilot-scale applications

All models except the Mini-Lyotrap come with touchscreen control and display, and all models have mobile temperature probes for product sampling as standard, ensuring that the LTE Lyotrap range continues to provide a cost-effective and reliable freeze-drying solution.

Range Features:

  • Choice of 3 models from 3 to 10kg ice capacity
  • Large range of accessories and consumables
  • Touchscreen control and TFT display (exc Mini-Lyotrap)


  • Mobile temperature probe included for product sampling
  • Corrosion resistant refrigeration systems
  • CFC-Free Refrigerant Simple installation
  • Stainless steel chamber
  • -55掳C and -85掳C models Flexible applications


Freeze Dry Using:


The sample in the flask would be pre-frozen before being freeze-dried. A popular method of freezing liquid samples is to rotate the flask in a pre-freezing bath. This has the benefit of providing a thin film of frozen material around the inside of the flask which improves the efficiency and overall speed of the freeze-drying process.

Flasks are usually placed onto a suitable manifold for freeze-drying, many of which are available. Column manifolds are ideal if you are freeze-drying flasks and jars only. Drum manifolds or the acrylic chamber fitted with a manifold lid will allow more flexibility in the type of product to be freeze-dried.


Again, product would be pre-frozen before freeze-drying. Using our shelf arrangement, samples would be placed onto the shelves directly. For drying using the tray and support option, samples would be pre-frozen in the trays provided and slotted onto the rack. Up to 6 trays could be freeze-dried at any one time. Temperature-controlled heater mats can be supplied for this application.


Freeze-drying in vials requires the use of our manual stoppering shelf arrangement, connected to the required base unit. This stoppering system will allow large quantites of vials to be dried at once. It is supplied complete with suitable trays and an acrylic vacuum chamber. Optional temperature-controlled heater mats will allow improved drying rates.


The ampoules need to be frozen before being fitted to the manifold. Ampoules can be frozen in 2 ways. They can be placed into a conventional freezer. Whilst this is a common method, freezing in this way can prolong the freeze-drying process due to the concentration of the sample. A much better way is to use a Spin Freezer. Following pre-freezing the ampoules would be freeze-dried using either a single or double manifold arrangement, each manifold capable of holding 48 ampoules. Following freeze-drying it is then normal to seal the ampoules using a fine flame technique.

freeze dryers

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